Delta Family Programs

Delta Family Resource Centre (DFRC) provides a wide range of programs, services, and activities that enhance individual skills and promote well-being and healthy communities, Delta Family is known for its strength in effective outreach, collaboration and delivering empowering programs which meet identified community needs. Here is a list of programs offered by Delta Family.


Kujistahi (Self-Respect) is a Parenting and Family initiative Our focus is on enhancing pride in Black identity and on increasing the availability of effective parenting supports for Black parent/caregivers; and improving outcomes for Black children, youth, and their families. Our programs are centered around Dr. Maulana Karenga"s Ngzo Saba Principals: Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), and Imani (faith).

Our current online programs include:

  • Harambee Heritage Program: a space for children and their families to explore African Heritage, traditions and history.

  • Motivated Mamas: A space for Black Mothers to discuss the challenges and successes of Black Motherhood.

  • Black Dads Link: A space for Black Fathers to connect and discuss the successes and challenges of Black Fatherhood.

  • Young Giants Youth Program: Young Giants youth program is a space where young people can discuss identity, and culture through artistic expression.

  • Kuji Kids: A drop- in program for children ( 0-6) and their parents/ caregivers to enjoy story time, create art and learn science.


Delta Family’s FRP programs support early learning and development by offering drop-ins programs and other programs and services for parents/ caregivers and children birth – 6 years, that build and strengthen adult- child relationship, encourage children to explore and promote play and inquiry through different media such as art and crafts, sensory stimulation, dramatic play songs, & rhymes. In addition, our parenting workshops provide opportunities for parents/caregivers to discuss parenting issues, make connection, access and access resources. We have moved our programming to virtual platforms, and we have found great success in reaching our participants and keeping them connected, engaged, and excited during these times.

Move & Groove Drop-in

The Move & Grove Drop-in ( Birth- 6 Years) introduces parents/caregivers and children to physical fitness , songs and nursery rhymes. Some structured activities and free play are incorporated during the program. Parents can learn new ways of incorporating music into their children every day play and physical experiences. Children develop gross motor skills and burn off the extra energy.

Litter Readers School Readiness

Gives children a head starts to develop skills that help them successful when they start Kindergarten. Children can participate in activities that develop/enhance social, fine motor, Math concept, language, self- help skills and more.


Mindful Conversations

Mindful Conversation is designed to engage parents/caregivers in conversation on various parenting issues. Our Parent Educator is available to provide support and resources on Speech & Language, Toilet Training, Health & Nutrition, Wellness, Mental Health, Behaviour Management & many more!

Discover & Learn

Discovery and learn enhances children curiosity. While in the program parents/caregivers and Children engage in inquiry-based play that encourage them to investigate, ask question and problem solve.

Family Fun Time

Family Fun Time is a great opportunity for families and their children to participate in unstructured early learning activities and at the same time build social connection with other families in their community. This program is designed to encourage quality parent/caregiver and child interaction in a safe and child focused environment that promotes and builds healthy child development.


Delta Family offers SNAP®, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural model that provides a framework for teaching children struggling with behaviour issues, and their parents, effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills. Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services as part of the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan supports are available to all families particularly those of African descent. The program offers free culturally appropriate services with the primary goal of helping children to stop and think before they act and keep them in school and out of trouble. SNAP® offers supports for children ages 6-11 and their families in the following areas: gender specific boys/girls groups, parent groups, individual counseling and community connections, school advocacy/support, homework club/tutoring and other interventions as needed.

The Student and Family Advocate (SFA) Program is a community-based program designed to support Black families and students as they engage with the education system. There are seventeen (17) Black led organizations with SFAs across Ontario. Delta Family's SFA Program provides the following core services in alignment with the long-term goals of the SFA initiative:

  • Advocacy on Behalf of Students and Families: SFAs advocate on behalf of Black students and families within school systems/processes.

  • Student and Family Empowerment: SFAs provide navigational supports and work with Black students and families to identify their needs, aspirations, and goals, and implement culturally relevant and actionable plans to help them respond effectively to barriers to success, pursue opportunities, and self-advocate. SFAs will provide guidance and support as students and families carry out their plans.

  • Community Collaboration and Systems Advocacy: in collaboration with community partners, participants and schools, SFAs will help to amplify the voices and experiences of Black students and families to activate changes in education systems.


Mmere Dane (Time Changes) is a violence prevention youth justice program supporting Black and racialized youth and their families, charged primarily with robberies to reduce sentencing and improve outcomes. Mmere Dane is an initiative delivered by Delta Family Resource Centre and funded by the Ministry of The Attorney General.

Our partners include: For Youth Initiative, Peacebuilders Canada, Lumenus and Albion Neighborhood Services.

We pride ourselves in being culturally informed while providing wrap-around services that place youth at the centre of our support. We have Youth Justice Workers and practitioners (Family Counsellors) who reflect the communities we serve and understand the challenges Black and racialized communities face in navigating these complex systems.

The Mmere Dane program:

  • Provides navigation support and advice from first court appearances to subsequent appearances.

  • Enhances youth and families grounding in identity and self as well access to the Rites of Passage process

  • Delivers workshops that are relatable and culturally appropriate (e.g., Family Dynamics, Healthy Relationship, Anti-Black Racism, Anger and Aggression etc.)

  • Provides internal/external referrals and supports dependent on the identified needs of the youth and their family.

  • Incorporates Afrocentric and non-traditional ways of healing through art expression and mindful practises.